EBD brake

Electrically actuated disc run-out brakes activated with springs and released with electromagnet(6 sizes).

Nominal braking torque range: from 6 to 20 Nm.

EBD brake

These brakes are designed for driving units of machines with safety regulations that require smooth coasting max. to 10 sec.

Braking torque

  • Maximum nominal braking torque - 20 Nm.

Description of EBD and advantages for customers

  • Smooth coasting of the machine after switching-out.
  • Keeps the electric motor in motionless state after stop.
  • Uncomplicated construction - low number of low number of parts being subject to wear.
  • Compact construction - small-size product capable to transmit relatively high braking torque.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy maintenance.

Typical product’s usage

  • Woodworking machines
  • Circular saws

Operational conditions

  • Non-lubricated environment.
  • Control voltage 205 Vss, 175 Vss, other voltage possible if previously agreed.
  • May be supplied via rectifier from one phase of the electric motor .
  • Operating temperature range +50 -25°C
  • Coil working temperature limit +90°C