Triple reduction bevel-helical gearbox foot-mounted with solid output shaft KP - Solid, durable, efficient...

Right angle triple-reduction bevel-helical gearbox with maximum gear ratio 100 and maximum output of 165 kW.

Number of sizes: 7; Performance range: 2.3 - 165 kW; Output torque range: 850 - 35 200 Nm; Gear ratio range: 22.4 - 100.

KP gearbox

Description of gearboxes KP and advantages for customers.

  • High durability, high load bearings for trouble-free operation and maximum load capacity.
  • Hardened and ground bevel gears for maximum power transmission, long life and quiet operation with maximum efficiency.
  • High load, output shaft made of high-strength steel for maximum load.
  • Foot mounted with solid or hollow output shaft with fastening ring.
  • Designed for drives in heavy operation.
  • Transmission of high specific power.
  • Both-direction operation.
  • Wide range of outputs - large selection of models.
  • High load as standard - possible load with high parameters.
  • Triple-gear - versatile use of various gear ratios .
  • High operational safety and reliability.
  • Minimum maintenance.