EKP electromagnetic brake

Electrically actuated disc brakes activated with electromagnet (9 sizes).

Nominal braking torque range: from 30 to 500 Nm.

EKP brake

These brakes work only in non-lubricated environment.

Braking torque

  • Maximum nominal braking torque - 500 Nm.

Description of EKP and advantages for customers

  • Ideal for high frequency of actuations.
  • Unlimited operation at off-state without warm up or wear.
  • Brakes do not need to be adjusted or maintained in operation.
  • Brakes may be installed in equipment with limited access.
  • Easy to assemble.

Typical product’s application

  • Wrapping machines
  • Food industry machines
  • Textile machines
  • Single-purpose machines

Operational conditions

  • Only for non-lubricated environment.
  • Control voltage 24 Vss, other voltage possible if previously agreed.