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PSP Pohony a.s. is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial gearboxes, clutches, brakes and drive applications components located in Přerov, Czech Republic. The company was established in 1994 by a merge of two divisions (Gearboxes and Clutches) of the former joint-stock company PSP Přerovské strojírny.

The corporate headquarters is located in Přerov, Olomouc Region, 293 km from the capital city of Prague. Přerov is an important railway junction, has a regional airport and is easily accessible by D1 highway. At present, PSP Pohony a.s. employs more than 100 employees and the production area exceeds 6,000 square meters.

History of company PSP Pohony a.s.


Our know-how is based on more than a hundred-year tradition of production of drive applications in Přerov.


Milestones in the history of the drive applications production in Přerov:

  • 1852 – Heinik foundry was founded in Přerov, a company producing transmissions, friction clutches, gearboxes and grey cast iron products;
  • 1899 – Heinik company obtained the first patent for Benn´s clutch;
  • 1951 – Přerovské strojírny state enterprise was founded;
  • 1994 – foundation of PSP Pohony a.s. - a continuator of more than one-hundred-year tradition of production of drive applications in Přerov.


Our mission is to make machinery and equipment move. We offer a one-stop solution of motion using our products and services. Our offer is based on the following manufacturing processes:

Present of company PSP Pohony a.s.

Annual Reports

The annual reports of PSP Pohony a.s. are available at the http://or.justice.cz.

After entering the identification number 47674784 and clicking on the button "Sbírka listin" (documents) any annual report can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking on the number of a document (left column).

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