EBM brake with modular system

Electrically actuated disc brakes activated with springs and released with electromagnet(8 sizes).

Two designs – with fixing plate for 1LA7 series electric motors and with flange for general use. Nominal braking torque range: from 5 to 250 Nm.

EBM brake with modular system

These brakes are designed either for SIEMENS 1LA7 electric motors (with mounting plate) then functioning as braking electric motors or for general use as safety brakes (flange mounted).

Braking torque

  • Maximum output of braking electric motor - 15 kW.
  • Maximum nominal braking torque brzdy - 250 Nm.

Description of EBM and advantages for customers

  • Dimensions comparable with similar types of disc brakes offered by other manufacturers - easy interchangeability with products of other European manufacturers .
  • Uncomplicated design - low number of parts being subject to wear.
  • Compact design - small-size product capable to transmit relatively high braking torque.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to adjust the air gap.
  • No maintenance

Typical product’s application

  • The mounting-plate model is designed for SIEMENS 1LA7 electric motors, other electric motors possible if previously agreed.
  • Flange-mounted model is suitable as safety brake for general usage.

Operating condditions

  • Non-lubricated environment.
  • Control voltage 205 Vss, (24 Vss).
  • May be supplied via rectifier from one phase of the electric motor or otherwise.
  • Operating temperature range +50 -25°C.
  • Coil working temperature limit +90°C.