EZF claw clutch

Electromagnetically actuated claw clutches

Electromagnetically actuated non-ring claw clutches (3 sizes). Nominal torque moment range: from 40 to 250 Nm.

EZF clutch

These clutches are suitable for gearboxes of machine tools or anywhere where a non-slip connection of two rotating assemblies is required.

Transmission range

  • Maximum nominal torque moment - 250 Nm (or even up to 400 Nm, when previously agreed with the manufacturer).

Description of EZF and advantages for customers

  • Ideal solution for remote control of machines.
  • Ideal for transmission of the same torque moments for its considerably smaller size in comparison with other multi-plate clutches.
  • It may be switched off at any allowed speed or transmitted moment.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Clutches do not need to be adjusted

Typical product’s application

  • Driving units of machine tools
  • Driving units of slide doors of vehicles and wagons

Operational conditions

  • For lubricated as well as non-lubricated environment.
  • They are activated at off-position or at synchronous speed or if the difference in speed is low and the drive is flexible enough and the inertia moment of driven parts is low.