In-line helical gear motors E BOX I - Lightweight, firm, powerful, helpful...

Series of in-line helical foot-mounted compact gear motors, adapted electric motor is integrated with gearbox, maximum gear ratio 125 and maximum output of 30 kW.

In-line helical gear motors - foot-mounted. Number of sizes: 7; Performance range: 0.25 - 30 kW Output torque range: 24.6 - 2 846 Nm Gear ratio range: 6.3 - 125 Adjusted integrated electric motor 3 000, 1 500, 1 000, 750 min-1.

Gearmotor E BOX I

Description of gear motors E BOX I and advantages for customers.

  • High durability, high load bearings for trouble-free operation and maximum load capacity.
  • Hardened and ground helical gears for maximum power transmission, long life and quiet operation with maximum efficiency.
  • High load, output shaft made of high-strength steel for maximum load. Adapted electric motor integrated with gearbox.
  • Designed as European standard - interchangeable without any constructional modifications with products of leading European manufacturers.
  • Modular concept - easy to adjust to various applications.
  • Wide range of outputs - full range of output levels.
  • High load as standard - possible load with high parameters.
  • Double-reduction or triple-reduction - wide range of gear ratios.
  • Integrated connection of adapted electric motor with gearbox - minimum operational length and weight.
  • Minimum and easy maintenace. .