LSV mechanical clutch

Mechanically actuated multi-plate friction shifting clutches and double clutches

Mechanically actuated multiplate friction disc clutches and double clutches (8 sizes). Nominal torque moment range: from 25 to 1 250 Nm. .

LSV double and single clutch

LSV Double clutches are designed for reversal. Both parts of the double clutch are controlled with one actuating sleeve and therefore they are suitable for gearboxes with frequent change of the sense of rotation.

Transmission Range

  • Maximum nominal torque moment - 1 250 Nm.

Description of LSV and advantages for customers

  • Actuating and releasing is possible under full load.
  • Simple construction of the double clutch is easy to control.
  • Operation in lubricated or dry environment.
  • Easy to assemble.

Typical product’s application

  • Reversal gearboxes of river boats
  • Road machinery
  • Building machinery

Operational conditions

  • Operating temperature range: max. +120 °C for the lubricated environment type.